Our Partner Program

Welcome to the Dhaka Distributions Partner Program!!

This partnership is all about our mutual business interests. We strongly believe that we both can do better as a team.

Program highlights -

1. Dhaka Distributions does not sell products and technologies under distribution direct to end-customer. It is always through channel partners.

2. Only services and solutions are subject to our direct sales depending on the business situation. Partners are nevertheless welcome in this segment and we are more than happy and willing to work jointly in possible scenarios.

3. Partnerships on certain products maybe subject to tier placements. For example – Bitdefender and Acronis. In case of tier positioning, margins will vary.

4. Dhaka Distributions protects business account incumbency. In case of renewals or repeat orders, incumbent partner is first preference irrespective of tier positioning. Incumbent partner prices are always special in comparison to competing bidder partners. However, if customer’s choice disfavors incumbent partner, we will notify the partner, provide an opportunity to rectify the differences with the customer, and will favor another partner only when incumbent partner fails to convince the customer. Customer always comes first and it our joint responsibility to maintain and manage a customer account in full satisfaction.

5. Dhaka Distributions maintains strict confidentiality on business lead information. Business information provided by a partner will not be disclosed with other partners.

6. Dhaka Distributions will share business leads with proactive partners whenever received directly from customers.

7. All negotiations with partners will be transparent and confidential.

8. Rights to a business lead will be reserved only through a formal notification of locking over email. It is on first-come-first-serve basis.

9. It is mandatory to disclose customer name and details while asking for a price or locking a business lead. Dhaka Distributions will not disclose the lead to other partners. Nor will participate directly to the bid.

10. We believe in transparency and proactiveness in a business partnership. Discussions and follow-up communication is highly appreciated and welcome.

11. Partnership is effective only for registered partners. Price release will be only after enrollment to the partner program.

12. Terms of business / Rules of engagement (Financial and Technical) will be negotiated and decided business case-to-case basis.

13. Dhaka Distributions reserves the right to terminate the partnership at any given point if circumstances lead to such measures. Welcome to the team. We look forward to a very prosperous and effective business partnership. Thank you.

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