3 decades of a legacy...

Pioneering and trendsetting with leadership roles in the local information security industry.




Cybersecurity Essentials

Laying the foundation for cybersecurity systems and practices.

Cybersecurity, as a process, starts with a foundation of few fundamental security segments. The multiple layers of cybersecurity systems and services are incrementally built and added over that foundation. We believe that the 4 pillars of that foundation start with

The first two secure the attack parameters, the 3rd is a fallback security insurance to roll over in case of a hack or breach, the 4th is an all-time precautionary protocol to be able to identify and avoid attacks through practices.

Dhaka Distributions offers comprehensive 360° protection solutions, either as a one-off requirement or a package, to start and build a security ecosystem in association with world-leading cybersecurity technology and service providers.

About Us

Dhaka Distributions is a cybersecurity technologies, solutions, and service provider.

It is an enduring team of professionals, who over the span of last 3 decades have pioneered and set trends in the local cybersecurity industry. We partner in various capacities with some of the top global cybersecurity providers to bring efficient solutions and services to Bangladesh.

What makes us different? Our experience.

We listen to our customers. Their requirements. We try to fit our offerings to address those requirements. And we blend it with the local market culture or trends. We ensure the three fundamental requirements – reputed superior technology that performs and delivers, strong and unwavering local support, and a competitive pricing strategy. Customer satisfaction is important to us.


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